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Way to buy bitcoin 2021

  These sites own Bitcoin and through which you can buy bitcoin and take from you a commission on purchase or withdrawal, and it varies from one site to another, as well as the means of deposit.


The best way to buy bitcoin, how to buy bitcoin is a problem that is in the news every day thanks to the high prices and rapid movement of bitcoin trading, and many people are interested in learning how to buy bitcoin. As the most popular form of cryptocurrency.


The best way to buy bitcoin



There are sites that provide a large number of deposit methods, and there are sites that provide a limited number, and the most popular or well-known methods of deposit are:


Credit Card, Visa, or well-known electronic banks such as Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, or Perfect Money, and through the Bitcoin Buying page on our website, you will find a list of known Bitcoin buying sites, so you can view it and choose what is suitable for you in terms of the easiest deposit method for you.


2 {platforms}:

There are some digital currency platforms that provide you to buy bitcoin by dollar, for example, the yobit platform provides to buy bitcoin in dollars, so you can deposit in the platform with the deposit methods available to them.


Bitcoin wallets

Some bitcoin wallets provide you with the purchase of Bitcoin, for example, the well-known xapo wallet provides you with making a deposit via the electronic bank Neteller, but you must always be aware of the commission rate, whether for deposits or withdrawals for these portfolios.


The Mediators

A broker is a person who begins an order to buy bitcoin from this broker and you pay for it, whether a transfer or payment through electronic banks, Cantell, or according to what is agreed upon between you.


Then this person or broker will make a transfer for you on your own wallet, but not always the brokers have Bitcoin and often the broker has a high price, and choosing the broker to trust is a more difficult task.



There are many groups of cryptocurrencies on Facebook, and there are people who want to sell Bitcoin with them, but you have to be very careful about the groups because of the presence of fraudsters in a large number.


Now you have a general and expanded idea of ​​ways to buy bitcoin, and the most used methods that have been explained are to buy from the sites and also include the electronic banks themselves.


Finally, you must know what you want to do with these currencies after purchasing them. Whether you plan to sell your Bitcoin after purchasing it or use it to buy something, be prepared to do so at any moment.