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Mining bitcoin trading 2021

  If you are one of those who are curious and want to keep up with the prevailing trend, but you do not have enough idea of ​​how to start and what to consider, then this article is what you really need.


Steps to start mining bitcoin trading, over the years, cryptocurrencies have made their way to becoming a true cryptocurrency shout. Every day the news media circulates Bitcoin.


Steps to start mining bitcoin trading


1: Acquiring bitcoin mining hardware

You will not be able to mine without the mining device.


Don't even try to mine bitcoin from your laptop or computer! You will earn less than a penny a year and will waste money on electricity.


2: Select a mining pool

Once you have your mining equipment, you need to select a mining pool.


Without a mining pool, you will only receive a mining payout if you find a block on your own, and this is called solo mining.


By joining a mining pool, you can share your hash rate with the collector, once the collector finds a block, you will receive compensation based on the percentage of hash that contributed to the pool.


3: Get a bitcoin mining program

Bitcoin mining software is how to actually link mining hardware into your desired mining pool.


You need to use software to direct your hash rate to the pool.


Also in the program, it tells the group which bitcoin address payments should be sent to.


If you don't have a bitcoin wallet or address, learn how to get a bitcoin wallet.


At the end of the article, it can be said that the real investment that you should pay attention to and take into account is investing in digital currencies because of the refinement on which these currencies are built.


Certainly, digital currencies threaten many monopolistic jobs and completely eliminate the role of mediator, and this in itself is a great achievement.


Nobody knows, maybe a day in the future will come and we bid farewell to the era of fiat currencies and exchange them for cryptocurrencies, so you should think carefully about investing in Bitcoin or any other digital currency.